In this area of the website I am going to add a monthly tip for players looking to improve there table tennis. I hope some of these tips help players.

Tip 1: January 2016 – Getting the basics right

My first tip is to get the basics right and to practice keeping things simple.

The best shots and strokes in table tennis are the ones that are the most efficient and  robust under pressure. You may ask, what is a great stroke? A great stroke is one that has the basic elements correct. For example, are you wasting any effort going into the shot. Are you striking the ball at top of the bounce. Are you transferring your weight into the ball (for right hander’s – transfer weight from right to left). Are you flowing from one stroke to the next quickly and efficiently?

I have listed below the key components into getting the basics right in your strokes.

– Practice striking the ball at the top of the bounce from various areas of the table in a regular and irregular fashion.
– Practice transferring your weight. Deliberately begin to make an effort in using your legs, body rotation and arm to transfer all your energy into the ball.
– Practice recovering quickly for the next ball. A common error with the forehand topspin is that many players follow through too far and across the body. Try to finish in front of the body allowing for quick recovery.
– A very vital aspect of developing great shot execution is to practice striking the ball with spin over speed.

Keep it simple guys! Any questions? Give me a shout.


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