Success At British Junior League

The TableTennisDaily Bristol Junior League team had great success at the prestigious British Junior League 2018-2019 season. The BJL is the most prestigious table tennis under 18’s league in the UK held at the Velodrome in Derby throughout the season.


TableTennisDaily entered the event with two teams. Team 1 was led by Denmark’s number 1 table tennis player Daniel Simonsen, followed by Amirul Hussain, Louis Price and Edan Regan. The team finished a respectable fourth place in the premier division. This young squad are looking to go from strength to strength and narrowly missed out on a bronze medal.

The second team consisted of Bertie Kelly, Joe Sheppard, Will Avery and Jay Price. The young team all gave 100%, worked as a team and learned a lot.

Bristol table tennis coaches Daniel Ives and Christoph Zickert who led the teams were impressed with the team morale on both weekends and are both looking forward to the next season with a lot to look forward to.

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