My trip to China (Part 1 Interview)

Hey everyone,

On Wednesday Ben Larcrombe from Expert Table Tennis interviewed myself about my trip to China. The podcast is broken into 2 parts, with the second part being released next week.


In January 2015 I travelled to Beijing, China with STIGA to film a four-part documentary series called ‘STIGA Presents The Journey Through Chinese Table Tennis’, which you can watch here on TableTennisDaily.

You can listen to part 1 of the podcast below.

In this episode you’ll learn:

What a recreational table tennis club in China is actually like.
All about the Chinese pyramid system and how it works.
How the ping pong schools select and train their young players.
Which drills and exercises they do.
What happens if they are dropped or kicked out along the way.
All about the discipline and strictness of the training environment.
How the training fits around academic work.
About the transition from school to provincial table tennis.
What life is like as a Chinese provincial table tennis player.
How Dan fared against the young Chinese players.
The level of these young players compared to UK standards.

Stay tuned for next weeks part 2 of the interview. I hope you enjoyed it.

Here is the full video series below which is in 4 parts:

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